Cocoa Products

Wilex Samoa's Cocoa based products include the following:

* Cocoa Liquor and cocoa butter    * Koko Samoa   - in various forms: instant; flavoured; and natural  * roasted peanuts & fruits

* Chocolate coating; couvetures     * Roasted cocoa nibbs  * Custom made chocolates  * Boutique chocolates

* Export Botled Water (Pure Samoa Water)


How to Make Koko Samoa Hot Drink

How to Make Koko Rice (Samoan Popular Desert)


Samoan Cocoa is world renowned as the best flavor bean for chocolate making. The beans were introduced since the 18th century under German administration-the seedlings were selected from Brazil and Madagascar-which developed in Samoan soil to form what is now uniquely referred to as “Koko Samoa ”


KOKO Samoa also comes as a traditional chocolate drink initiated by Samoan farmers- this is roasted cocoa beans and grounded to give that special flavor when mixed with hot water and milk and sugar –with koko bits that are chewed whilst enjoying the beverage. Enjoy the following forms of Koko Samoa

  • Roasted nibs- are roasted and deshelled cocoa-which is grounded to suit the end use
  • Vanilla Flavour- where this added to the koko Samoa or the nibs
  • Instant- is Koko Samoa grounded for instant use- spoon in hot water add sugar and milk
  • Natural-is Koko Samoa in its traditional shape and flavour