Samoan Cocoa is world renowned as the best flavor bean for chocolate making. The beans were introduced since the 18th century under German administration-the seedlings were selected from Brazil and Madagascar-which developed in Samoan soil to form what is now uniquely referred to as “Koko Samoa ”

Wilex Samoa's Cocoa (Koko Samoa) based products include the following:

* Koko Loa Chocolates Range

-100g Koko Loa 72% Dark Chocolate

-100g Koko Loa Milk Coconut 

-100g Koko Loa Fruit & Nut

-80g Koko Loa 82% Dark Chocolate

-80g Koko Loa Dairy Free Chocolate

-150g Koko Loa Assorted Chocolates

-150g Koko Loa Macadamia Chocolates

-100g Koko Loa Almond Chocolates

-100g Peanut Chokky Milk Chocolates

*Koko Loa Cocoa Powder Range

-200g Koko Loa Pacific Powder

-200g Koko Loa Samoan Cocoa Powder

*Other Cocoa Products Made to Order Include: 

* Cocoa Liquor and cocoa butter in bulk 25kg boxes

* Traditional Koko Samoa Drink   - in various forms: instant; flavoured; and natural 

* Chocolate coating; couvetures    

* Roasted cocoa nibbs 

* Custom made chocolates 

* Boutique chocolate

* Hotel Chocolate Gifts

* Wedding Chocolates



How to Make Koko Samoa Hot Drink

How to Make Koko Rice (Samoan Popular Desert)