Wilex Launches Koko Samoa

Wilex-Samoa Launches "KOKO Samoa" at Pacific Islands Trade Exhibition in Tokyo Japan 24th to 28th May2012
1. The Prime Minister of Samoa-Afioga Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi and the General Secretary of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretary, Mr.Neroni Slade visited the Wilex Samoa Booth-and were opened the Koko Samoa launch to the Japanese Officials and market. See Pictures../sites/default/files/Wilex-Samoa%20Koko%20Samoa%20Launch-PIC%20Tokyo%20May%202012%20027%20PM%20Eddie%20n%20Neroni%20Slade.JPG
2. KOKO Samoa launch-Test and Feed Back from Japanese Students and members of the Public..See Videos...
Wilex Samoa will start the New Year 2012 with the launch of 4 new products-check these out: 1. KoKo Samoa-Traditional. This product is the traditional cocoa/chocolate drink made by adding hot water, sugar and milk to your liking. This product is made from selected Samoan Flavour Cocoa beans-roasted ; de-shelled; and grounded using modern technology in a way so that the taste the Samoan cocoa and bits of the beans add flavor during and after savouring this uniquely Samoan chocolate drink. 2. Koko Samoa-Instant: This is product is the same as the traditional koko-but provided in a user friendly way-where you spoon in the required cocoa, add hot water/milk and sugar to your liking. Other recipes provided with the product. 3. Roasted and flavoured Samoan Cocoa: This product comprise of selected roasted Samoan Flavour cocoa beans- roasted ; de-shelled and special vanillin flavoured- so that they remain fresh in a sealed pouch- to maintain freshness. You can ground the beans for use in any cocoa/chocolate beverage or added to any special cooking which requires the World’s best Flavour cocoa beans from Samoa. 4. Dry Roasted & Salted Peanuts: This product comprise of blanched raw peanuts roasted and then salted/flavoured-and packed to remain fresh until opened. No oil is used in cooking- so an absolutely healthy snack to enjoy in any occasion.
Wilex Samoa Peanut Chokky- Headline News-New Zealand TV: /sites/default/files/Wilex%20Peanut%20Chokky-NZ%20TV%20News-VTS_01_1_mpeg1video_mpg%20-%20YouTube.mht