Company History

When the company Was Created: Wilex was established in 1986 and started trading as an exporter of agricultural products from Samoa such as: Mangoes; Papaya; Breadfruit; Vegetables; Taro; Cocoa; Kava; Nonu; and Coconut Products and Gish/ Seafood products. Wilex was the first island Exporter to successfully export and market its products through Woolworth’s supermarkets in New Zealand and Australia before the taro plight in 1993. Wilex also opened up it market for Samoan produce in the USA in partnership with Montalvan Sales (Ontario)- the later company became the largest Polynesian Foods distributor in the USA.

In 1995 Wilex established its Cocoa and Chocolate processing at Moataa. Wilex had won numerous awards including Exporter of the Year since 1996 for 4 years in a row; Excellence in marketing for 3 years; the Inaugural Excellence in Business Award in 1996 by the ANZ bank (then Bank of Western Samoa). In 1998 Wilex established its complete Soap manufacturing factory (Wilex Samoa Soaps & Detergent Products –WSSD) at Lelata- processing soap from coconut oil base, as well as other coconut products such as purified oil for chocolate making; body oil and cosmetics. Wilex developed export market in the USA and Europe for Samoan Ava-and from 1996 to 200 was Samoa’s largest exporter of Ava to the USA and Europe. In 2003 Wilex’s Cocoa and Chocolate factory at Moataa was destroyed by an electrical fire.

The company has recently started buying cocoa beans again, and now in the processing of rebuilding its cocoa and chocolate processing facility at Lelata-until it finds a new site to relocate its Cocoa/Chocolate processing operation. In late 2008 Wilex expanded its soap factory at Lelata to also house a full Corrugated Box manufacturing operation. This was completed in early 2009- and named the Wilex Samoa Packaging Solutions Company Limited (WSPS). WSPS became ISO 9000:2008 in December 2010.

Important milestones

  • Became the South Pacific’s First fully fledged HACCP certified Cocoa and Chocolate Processing facility in 1996
  • Established the World’s Best dark chocolate made from Samoan Cocoa-having it launched at the Hannover-Germany World Expo in 2000
  • Established the world’s first ever boutique range of chocolates from coconut, nonu and tropical fruits dipped and fermented in French Congac
  • ISO 9000:2008 certification for its Corrugated Box manufacturing operation in December 2010 • Becoming a qualified packaging supplier for Star Kist – American Samoa, the World’s largest, individual tuna manufacturer in 2011
  • Established Joint venture with Chinese company, HIFAT Stoneexp- Ltd-Xiamen in may 2010